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جهان کارگاه خلاقيت ماست...

Exclusive agent of GIARDINI wallcoverings in Iran

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Vosough Talaei Iranian co. Has always done its best to provide customers with special and exclusive products besides aiming to seek top quality goods and services specifically offering you luxurious brands.

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جهان کارگاه خلاقيت ماست

Talaei gallery was founded in early 1970 and throughout all these years, it has tried to fulfill customer and colleague satisfaction Loyal customers are a clear proof of this reality since the establishment of the company. Today, Vosough Talaei Iranian planning to continue the same goals and trends with Mr.Jafar Vosoughian as the managing director Parallel To this .the establishment of our "VIP Interior design showroom" is an answer to pleas the people who desire the very best.

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Besides aiming for the most special Europen brands.Talaei Gallery has provided a serenc and quiet place for the customers .the points considered for the gallery have you been venfied by Iranian and foreign designes,including a pleasant and quiet environment and parking space .they all contribute to choosing the mostdesired space for dear customers.

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